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“Farfor Gallery” submits you the chandeliers of different firms and companies of leading brands. Chandeliers are divided to different ranges being the production of Spain, Italy, Germany, and Czech, Turkey. In this residence, you can add beauty to the beauty of your house by liking the chandeliers of classic, vanguard styles according to the design of your house.

“Farfor Gallery” submits you set of different firm and companies of leading brands. Set are produced in Italy, Germany, Czech, Poland, Japan, and Turkey mostly and these are very colorful for the diversity of assortments. Set differs for the number of subjects, you can get set from “Farfor Gallery” beginning from 44 subjects to 122 subjects.

Accessories have a great importance for the beauty and attractiveness of your tables, these accessories should comply with set and table decoration in accordance with color and form and they should complete one-another. “Farfor Gallery” submits table accessories of different countries to you (spoon-fork-knife set). These accessories are considered high segment for their quality degree and shows your tables richer.

One of the accessories charming your tables is glass set, they should comply with set and accessories of table. “Farfor Gallery” submits you glass set of producers of different countries. Glass set of “Timon”, “CreArt”, “Same decorazione”, “Robrto Cavalli” and other products will give special decorate to you. You can be introduced with the sorts of these products in “Farfor Gallery”.

“Farfor Gallery” submits you different decoration and accessories according to the interior of your house. These are clock and candlestick set, picture portraits in different sizes, boron, bronze, porcelain, sculpture forms with ceramics, thermo for special beauty for your homes and etc. these products are considered hand crafts by preparing with high professionalism by producer countries, you can be introduced with our products widely in our stores.

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