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High graded raw materials, the most modern production units, accurate processing and last but not least our experienced staff are the guarantors for highest quality and care at Falkenporzellan GmbH. Our patterns are developed and provided with gold edges or golden trimmings on the handles and covers. All articles are examined thoroughly before being shipped to our customers all over the world.


In all designs and products of Falkenporzellan it is easy to find high craftsmanship, top quality and refined aesthetic taste, but also style variety and an ideal balance between classic art and contemporary needs.



Mrs & Mr Caron started the Ceramiche Stella Snc business in Nove back in 1972 and the family run business is now managed by their sons Maurizio and Paolo. The Caron’s brand’ trademarks are high quality design and craftsmanship in ceramics for delicate touch furnishing. Creativity, design and research are the master keys that have enabled Ceramiche Stella snc to start distributing a wide range of products, from accessories to ceramics furnishings at an international level. Ceramiche Stella snc regularly showcases at all major trade events both nationally and internationally, such as “MACEF” , “Fiera del Mobile”, "Ambiente", in Frankfurt Germany.




Advantages : Inimitable thermal conductivity (420 Wm°K), energy saving, excellent nonstick performance.

Disadvantages : Very expensive and needs to be cleaned with care. A novice cook may find it hard to control the heat conduction.


Advantages : Excellent heat conductor (392 Wm°K). It cooks at lower temperature and reduces overheating. It is essential for certain cooking including sauces and candy. It allows substantial energy savings and enhances the beauty of your table. It is extremely resistant to bacteria and it lasts forever.

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Ahura has been operating in the ceramics market for over 40 years and is specialized in the creation of unique and precious crafted objects. It produces and distributes Ahura-branded products in over 70 countries throughout the world and has conquered a large segment of the Italian-style market. Ahura’s experience and stylistic approach using natural elements such as water, earth, air and fire, are the secret to creating unique and sophisticated crafted artistic products.

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RIPERLAMP ILUMINACIÓN was created in 1985 fruit of the need and spirit of a significant group of employees belonging to the staff of the no longer existing and important lighting company PERIS ANDREU.

Throughout these 28 years of history, our goal has always been and will be to make ourselves known and grow positioning ourselves within the ornamental lighting sector as one of the European companies of reference in the lighting sector.

Painting Walls


Founded in 1936 Timon Company born thanks to the ancient experience of its founder Mr Velio Lelli. Today, after more than 70 years, the generations the traditions hands the tradition down with pride and ability. Timon can boast of a big experience in hand glass decorations and high temperature baked, as well as ground and cut glass, opaque and trasparent, decorations both in relief and flat, with precious materials like gold, silver and platinum, approaching to several brilliant colors. The acquired prestige permits Timon to create original and personal designs which can be adapted on each shape and each color. The design of the created products and the excellent quality-price ratio have meant that Timon has come to be appreciated by the most prestigious clients all overt he world, personlizing the work in every possible details according to the customer requirements.

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