Lights and Porcelain

Chandeliers, decorative things, food and tea sets according to the size and design of your residence. If your apartment is repaired recently or if you want to make any changes to interior, you must visit “Farfor” absolutely.

The products submitted to you are most beautiful examples of most popular exhibitions of the world.

The sale of classic, vanguard, modern and mixed style products of decorative and usage appointment according to your interior and taste are realized in Farfor Gallery store.

Farfor is the only sales representative of more than 30 European brands in Azerbaijan (Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech, Great Britain, Portugal, Austria and etc.)

FARFOR submits wide selection opportunity to its clients. You can get products of such many firms in one address for the first time in Azerbaijan.


Do not miss the opportunity to see chandeliers, food and tea sets and alternative products that you need.

And mainly Farfor submits certificate all of its products. Thus, obtained products are guaranteed.

Farfor Gallery – big place as your wishes.


Farfor Gallery

We collected European boaster, Italian taste, German quality and French delicate came from the centuries around of one table. The best beauty of the world illuminated your house. The things that we saw changed Your taste, also, the Your taste changed your table, we become real madam of our house because we called as “Farfor Gallery”.

Farfor – big place as your wishes.



Baku,Azerbaijan "Bina Shopping Center"


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